About BizConnect

BizConnect is a small conference focusing on what it means to be a small business in the Bay Area today. Located in the iconic UC Theatre, 40 local businesses will be featured, including a dedicated Buy Local tier. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves into three Experience Lounges that highlight ways to transform spaces to engage customers. Throughout the event, speakers will take the main stage to give inspirational talks on one of four themes: Retail Storytelling, Growing a Conscious Company, Successfully Engaging Millennials, and Experiential Dining. Breakout sessions will feature tactical workshops on skills or products to uplevel your brand.

CONNECT with the startups, micro-retailers, Mom and pops shops, and professional service providers that make up the small and medium-sized business community in and around Berkeley.

LEARN about emerging trends that define success for small businesses today.

GATHER information about your local business community and build relationships

ENGAGE potential customers

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Phone: 510-549-7000

Email: events@berkeleychamber.com